The themes of the campaign are discovery and political intrigue:

“The world had only faint glimmers of magic…until several years ago when the Forgotten Island was suddenly accessible again.

Travelers had learned long ago that any voyage to the Island was doomed to failure. Learning empirically, everyone simply avoided the Island at all costs. Over the centuries, it has been the main subject of tales of mystery and the legendary cradle of all life on the planet.

Suddenly, and quite accidentally, explorers discovered that the Island must have given up its hatred of visitors. Soon, adventurers and explorers of all types flocked to discover whether the legends were true.

While master magicians on the main land work their whole lives to be able to move a pebble across a table with magic, on the Island they can throw great balls of flame, defy the laws of gravity, and bend reality to their will! Mythical, biologically impossible creatures bombarded the intruders almost immediately after their arrival. Civilization now has a foothold on the Island, more a citadel than a city. And the political powers on the mainland race to discover and use the power of the Island to their advantage on the main land. For there are legends of artifacts of great power on the Island that will actually work after they’ve been taken far beyond the Island’s shores!"

Basically, the campaign is about discovery. Unlike your typical D&D campaign where you trod in the footsteps of countless other adventurers before you, you are the trailblazers. You are the first to set foot in ancient, magical ruins. You are the first to discover mythical creatures and forgotten races. You are the agents who seek to secure your country’s freedom by harnessing the power of the Island and keeping it from the spies and sellswords of the evil empire that seeks your country’s downfall.

The Forgotten Island Campaign